Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create a course?

When you are on the home page, click on the “Setup course” tab, complete all the fields and save your post. Once it is saved, the course will appear in the course catalog, and in any search for which it fulfills the requirements. You are solely responsible for the content creation, the length, price, cancellation policies and type of session (one-on-one or group).

2. How do I enrol to a course?

You can choose a course by scrolling down the “Courses” page or by applying a filter in the search box. Once you have chosen the course, you just click the button "Enrol" and make the payment for your enrollment.

3. How does a live course work

The course takes place in a virtual space through a video conference system. During a live course, you will be standing by your laptop and your customer(s)/coach will appear on your screen. The coach will see the customer in full screen if it is a one-on-one session or the screen will split up in to 4 sections if it is a group course. You will be able to see and hear each other very clearly. You will start your course as if your customer(s) /coach was standing in front of you. On his/her side, the customer will see and hear the coach only. The coach will be able to see and correct his/her customers when needed. The language, price, content and length of the course are all defined by the coach. Once the course is finished, you will leave the virtual space and the payment will be processed.

4. How do I connect to my course?

When it is almost time to begin your course, go to and sign in with your credentials. Click on the tab “My Workouts”. Scroll down to find the course, click on "enter/start session". You can do this 5 minutes before the start of a session. Please use this time to set up your workout space in order to get the most out of your course.

5. What minimum internet bandwidth should I have to ensure a good quality course?

A good broadband connection with at least 2 to 4 mbps internet speed.

6. How can I prepare for the course?

  • Make sure to have a device with a screen that is large enough to properly see your customer(s)
  • Ensure that your device is sufficiently charged
  • Set up your workout space in a quiet environment (phone on silent) where you will not be disturbed and where the lighting is neither too bright nor too dark
  • Make sure to keep enough distance between your device and your mat. We advise to have a minimum of 2m and to keep your device at mid-body height so that the video can capture your full body during the work out.
  • It is advised to place your mat parallel to your camera so that your interlocutor can best see your movement
  • As a coach, when preparing the content of the course, please make sure to think about how it looks through a video system

7. Is the payment system secured

Yes, the payment system is fully secured by a third party. Customers can pay using their credit card. In order to ensure an efficient payment process, the coaches need to register their account number.

8. As a customer, how do I pay?

You pay at the time of enrollment using your credit card.

9. As a coach, how do I get paid?

Once you have finished the course, the payment is processed automatically. The full amount will be deducted from the customer’s account onto and then the money will be transferred to the coach’s account minus the service fee.

10. As a coach, in what language do I need to teach my courses?

As a coach, you decide the language you want to teach in. Every language is acceptable. It is your responsibility to ensure a great course quality and therefore you are expected to be fully fluent in all the languages you plan on teaching in.

11. Can I follow courses in different languages?

Each coach decides the language he/she wants to teach in. Therefore there are as many languages available as a coach could possibly train in. It is possible for the customer to filter his/her search for a course based on the language of his/her choice. Therefore, every course that answers the customer’s criteria will appear in the results.

12. What is the price of a course?

The coach sets his/her own prices for a session, therefore Tumoov does not define the price of a course. As a coach, make sure that the price you set is always per person (even in group courses) and incl. VAT. However, keep in mind that the service fee will be added to the price that's displayed to a customer.

13. How long does a course last?

The coach decides on the length and the content of your course, therefore Tumoov does not define the length of a course. However a minimum of 30 minutes and maximum of 2 hours are allowed on the website.

14. Does a coach need to be officially trained to teach the fitness courses he/she offers?

Yes, every coach registered on, has to send a proof of his/her diploma, accreditation or training to show he/she is allowed to teach the fitness courses he/she is offering. His/her registration on Tumoov will only be valid, once the files have been uploaded, reviewed and verified.

15. What happens if a customer cancels a course?

Each coach defines his/her cancellation policy. Therefore you choose how flexible you want to be.

There are 3 levels of cancellation:

  • Flexible  Customers will receive full refund except for the service fee if they cancel at the latest 12hrs before the beginning of the course. Therefore coaches will not get paid.
  • Moderate  Customers will receive full refund except for the service fee if they cancel at the latest 24hrs before the beginning of the course. Therefore coaches will not get paid.
  • Strict  Customers will receive full refund except for the service fee if they cancel at the latest 48hrs before the beginning of the course. Therefore coaches will not get paid.
  • If the customers cancel after the minimum amount of hours defined in the cancellation policy, the full amount will be charged.

16. What happens if a coach cancels the course?

If a coach cancels the course, the customer will be fully reimbursed including the service fee. However, the coach may be penalized as per the cancellation policy applicable to coaches. The customers will be informed about such a cancellation via the site's automated notification system.

17. Can a coach and a customer see each other?

Yes, a coach and customer can see and hear each other. The main advantage in the way Tumoov works is that both parties can see each other and therefore the coach can correct a customer as if he/she were standing next to them.

18. Can the other participant in the course see me?

As a customer, the other participants cannot see you therefore you have the total privacy for yourself and your home. The only person that is visible to everyon is the coach. This ensures a highly personalized coaching experience.

19. How can I contact you?

You can contact us via email at, we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

20. How can I send a complaint?

Please send any complaint you may have via email to We will do our best to address them as quickly as possible.

21. How can I ask for a reimbursement/payment?

If a problem occurred during your course or if it was cancelled but you haven’t been paid, please contact us immediately via email at We will do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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