Tumoov is a team of three passionate young professionals who shared a common dream to bring fitness into everyone’s home. Coming from different educational backgrounds, countries and cultures has allowed us to think outside of the box and create a platform that can satisfy everyone’s fitness needs.

Alison Roquet
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Manuj Khanna
Founder and Chief Commercial Officer
Jasper Boskna
Founder and Chief Technical Officer

What do we do?

Tumoov is dedicated to bringing fitness into everyone’s home. It was created in order to give the flexibility and opportunity to anyone to live a healthy and active lifestyle without the time, monetary or physical constraints of a gym. Our main goal is to provide a platform for both coaches and customers to work out in the comfort of their homes. All this without losing the quality or interactive aspect of personal fitness training. Tumoov offers a wide variety of online fitness courses in the language, and at the time and location that suits you.

The fitness industry is ever-evolving and impact of modern technology has only served to speed that up. Tumoov chooses to utilize technological advancements to give the best possible service to its customers and bring the industry into people’s homes in an easy and interactive manner.

Our Mission

Tumoov is a global health and fitness community that provides an innovative, flexible, qualitative and eco-friendly approach to meet the health and active lifestyle needs of today. Tumoov empowers individuals to have a positive impact on their own lives with the help of modern technology.

Our social commitment

As a company we made a commitment to respect and support our community and our environment. We value the diversity and inclusion of everyone and are committed to working with environmentally friendly suppliers to minimize our impact. At Tumoov, we do our best to uphold these values in every aspect of our business.

Want to know more about Tumoov? - Please reach out to us at info@tumoov.com